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Basic sample courtesy of John Martin @
0 602 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
First, find the proper package from and copy its path. Then, over ssh, navigate to the root of the joomla install and perform these commands. In the case of an upgrade, this will overwrite in place the needed files, an...
0 569 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
0 552 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
getCategory returns the category ID, getSection returns the section alias. Great for CSS overrides
0 604 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
function for determining the section ID of a given page. Good to include in a templatetools.php file inside of a template to set up some custom conditional logic
0 573 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
I set up an $isHome boolean variable at the beginning of a template's index.php file so I can easily test the condition throughout the file. To me, the semantic variable name makes the logic more readable.
0 415 posted 12 years ago by beneberle
Substitute new_ placeholder in the second line with your new prefix. Run it: and wait until it responds with an OK, usually after a couple of seconds. Delete the rename.php script. Edit the configuration.php file...
0 632 posted 13 years ago by beneberle
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