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Condition = The condition which must be met. True = Executed if the condition is met. False = Executed if the condition failes.
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Though an old post, this is my solution that's been pieced together from various comments on the article linked above.
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I needed to trim a simple numerical array that might have duplicate values into an array with no duplicates. I came up with this before finding array_unique(). D\'oh.
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Substitute new_ placeholder in the second line with your new prefix. Run it: and wait until it responds with an OK, usually after a couple of seconds. Delete the rename.php script. Edit the configuration.php file...
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Returns path to physical
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To make an image browser, add these lines: $ext = strtolower(substr("$dirArray[$index]", strrpos("$dirArray[$index]", '.') + 1)); //get file extensions if ("$ext" == "jpg") { // if file is a jpg print("<TR><TD>$dirArray[$index]<br/><a href=\...
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