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Go to the Windows command line by going to Start -> Run and typing in cmd. You need to change directory to the MySQL bin directory. On my version, the directory is c:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql4.1.22\bin. Therefore, the command to change to this dire...
0 20 posted 8 years ago by TheJasonParker
Ftp your *.sql file to the (remote) machine, login via SSH and then go to the directory where your sql file is and run this code.
0 11 posted 9 years ago by TheJasonParker
Wrap these two sets of commands around your sql backup if it hasn't come from a backup from the Magento admin interface (Magento adds this). This stops foreign key checks and then restarts them. The /*!40101 ---- */ code around the SET command...
0 12 posted 9 years ago by TheJasonParker
After the MySQL above has run – you’ll need to let Magento take the reigns back a little to update the category indexes, this is quite straightforward, but a little time consuming. Login to your admin and go to System > Cache Management, the s...
0 13 posted 9 years ago by TheJasonParker
You'll first need to find the attribute_id value for 'status' for your Magento installation and replace 273 in this example. The easiest way to tell is if you go into: Admin > Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes Then in the “Attribute...
0 29 posted 9 years ago by TheJasonParker
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