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Replace the code below in your templates 'media.phtml' file. This has mouseover and mouseout but can be removed it needed.
0 341 posted 9 years ago by TheJasonParker
Wrap these two sets of commands around your sql backup if it hasn't come from a backup from the Magento admin interface (Magento adds this). This stops foreign key checks and then restarts them. The /*!40101 ---- */ code around the SET command...
0 329 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
Save the file to the directory where Magento resides.
0 296 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
And a now, word on the log.php maintenance script that comes with Magento 1.4 which has one major shortcoming. It doesn’t maintain your dataflow_batch_* tables, said tables have been seen hiding in the wild at over a Gigabyte in size. php -f...
0 320 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
This fixes the way Magento imports data as it just keeps adding ‘straight join’ to the array which uses a lot of memory if your importing a lot of products and will kill the import. Replace this function in /lib/Varien/Db/Select.php This h...
0 282 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
Change the category id and store id at the top of the script before running it. You can also remove the echo statements if you don’t want any output.
0 293 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
First off, create your CSV with 2 columns, the parent ID for the category and the category name – you could easily add more columns for extra options, but it wasn’t necessary for us. The CSV file should be something like this: 3,subcat 4,s...
0 255 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
Simply save the above code in a PHP file in the base Magento directory of your store, and visit the URL in your web browser, simples!
0 262 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
Create a CSV with a maximum of 1 column, with just the Magento category ID.
0 242 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
The easiest way to pull this off is by means of a quick script. The key to this script is that the indexing functionality is disabled entirely for the process, then enabled again at the end – requiring a manual update at the end. In our case, we...
0 361 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
After the MySQL above has run – you’ll need to let Magento take the reigns back a little to update the category indexes, this is quite straightforward, but a little time consuming. Login to your admin and go to System > Cache Management, the s...
0 288 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
You'll first need to find the attribute_id value for 'status' for your Magento installation and replace 273 in this example. The easiest way to tell is if you go into: Admin > Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes Then in the “Attribute...
0 396 posted 10 years ago by TheJasonParker
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