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Name: Phillip Gooch

Location: Seattle, WA

Website: www.fatfolderdesign.com

Website Programmer/Designer working on PHP/JavaScript. I also have a little blog where I talk about what web-things I\'ve programmed that week, and dislike typing bios.

Also, The languages feature of the profile page does not work in chrome as of version 13.0.782.112, I could fix that, and theres an escaping slash problem in the bio field, I could fix that too.

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After being tasked with creating inputs like those on the twitter homepage I came up with this inline label system that uses jquery to control the labels (in the vase of the example it fase and slides them). The code is in three parts. First, the...
0 665 posted 12 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
A contract I work on uses tables to layout forms (kinda ghetto I know) and I wanted a text field with a button text to it that would work with their 100% width scheme. Normall it places to betton below the text input, but using this HTML and CSS it w...
0 685 posted 12 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
This is a simple and effective way yo make sure people are actually filing out a form before submitting it. If you need to verify content it should be done server side (so that if you come across the odd person with javascript turned off it wont brea...
0 680 posted 13 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
I was working on this for a new site ideal I have, though it might be useful for others. What this does it sent a AJAX POST request every time the as() function is called. Setting the form to run as() onkeyup will essentially make the form submit its...
1 697 posted 13 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
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