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Unlike linked style sheets, it is necessary to enclose CSS in Headers in a "style type". This example media query is for screens under 1024 (tablets and phones) to make sure the images do not extend beyond the layout.
0 809 posted 8 years ago by jefferis
CSS stylesheet template - including HTML5 reset, tweaks for mobile including media queries, print reset styles, and base styles for standardization
7 1016 posted 10 years ago by rickygri
We use lists for all sorts of things, especiall navigation elements for which bullets don't make sense. Often, it is most convenient to remove bullet/list styles from all list elements globally. In fact many css resets do just that. However, there ma...
0 638 posted 12 years ago by rumremix
This is the quickest way to style the search bar. It involves creating one single image that includes both the input area and search button.
0 691 posted 12 years ago by rumremix
When developing a website, an important consideration is accessibility on other media, including the medium of print. However, the printing engines of most browsers render content differently to allow for simple printed pages. One of the most notable...
1 660 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
Starter barebones stylesheet that fixes many common browser differences and styles all common HTML elements. - Will be updated.
3 856 posted 13 years ago by vagrantradio
This parameter determines the image address which serves as a list marker. This attribute is inherited; therefore value none is used for separate elements of the list for marker restoration. Syntax list-style-image: none | url (a path to a file...
0 661 posted 13 years ago by Masis
The "Definitive CSS Font Stacks"
6 658 posted 14 years ago by ZGX
Fairly simple, cross-browser way to rotate text using only CSS.
0 550 posted 14 years ago by Winkyboy
Wordpress has a built in class that you can style to style the down nav state for the page you are on. Adjust div name accordingly.
1 594 posted 14 years ago by kstetson
The first part resets all the browser\\\'s default styles. The second part adds some styles back in and provides a few classes for common issues. The third part will check your page for invalid markup.
2 566 posted 14 years ago by BFTrick
2 568 posted 14 years ago by rwczippy
30 3497 posted 15 years ago by zingo
It's not mine...
1 506 posted 15 years ago by Victoor
2 457 posted 15 years ago by seekup00
0 408 posted 15 years ago by kristin
Wenn man eine Seite horizontal zentrieren möchte, ist das eigentlich recht einfach. Per CSS kann man mit margin:0px auto; einen div layer perfekt und schnell zentrieren. Bei älteren Browserversionen wie IE5.5 oder IE5.0 funktioniert das aber leider...
1 659 posted 16 years ago by smilylion
Used for rounding corners of a div. Need an upper left corner and an upper right corner. Example page is http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/documentation/quickstart/
3 607 posted 16 years ago by ryanprel
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