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A great way to improve the performance of your web app, by using a column in the projects table which stores the number of task associated with it, seen in railscast #23
1 522 posted 16 years ago by bordalix
Run this command in the Terminal on Mac OS X to flush the DNS cache on your computer. This is especially helpful when making changes to the host file.
2 1031 posted 16 years ago by jonhenshaw
A low-tech but useful technique that uses only CSS. After placing the css in your stylesheet, insert this just below the body tag of your page: "". Whenever the images are referenced throughout your pages they will now be loaded from cache.
0 7813 posted 16 years ago by aznprncritic
Greatly speeds up a slow Safari by purging any cached icons which have not been accessed in the past 30 days. Works well as a cron job. From http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20040323144305318
2 905 posted 17 years ago by Roshambo
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