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This snippet shows you how to get previous and next post in category URL.
0 117 posted 6 years ago by fedek6
Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty is a premium 5-year-old Magento extension, to which you can entrust your navigation. It includes 7 mods: Seo layered navigation Shop by brands Ajax Layered Navigation Layered navigation filt...
0 113 posted 6 years ago by Amasty
Create navigation links without the need of a plugin, using paginate_links function of wordpress core.
0 101 posted 7 years ago by rudwolf
Manually print out a category-navigation in a magento frontend template. within "stristr" you can enter an array of category-ids that should be hidden from display.
0 131 posted 8 years ago by luxmedia
Add this to your functions.php file
0 100 posted 8 years ago by xcsteve99
0 75 posted 8 years ago by kbrown
0 92 posted 8 years ago by errkk
This was for a customer. Basically it does this: If a page has no children, it shows ... nothing, if a page has a parent, it shows all other children of this parent (siblings) and the current page if a page has a parent AND children (3rd level)...
0 84 posted 9 years ago by zartgesotten
usefull navigation stuff works in magento http://www.webdesign-blog.ch/?p=17 http://www.pauldonnellydesigns.com/blog/get-parent-category-name-in-magento/
0 117 posted 9 years ago by nico65
If you have Zend_Navigation in your application, you will use navigation.xml. This code set the page title ($this->view->headTitle()) with the current page title in navigation.xml. $navigation->current() doesn't work in my opinion.
0 120 posted 9 years ago by postNuKe
Fügen Sie diesen Codeabschnitt auf allen Seiten die mit der Breadcrumb-Navigation ausgestattet werden sollen, an der gewünschten Position ein.<br><br> Das Script arbeitet recht einfach:<br><br> <li>per 'explode("/","$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]")' wird...
0 143 posted 9 years ago by kopfaction
Copy /modules/mod_menu/tmpl/default.php to /templates/MYTEMPLATE/html/mod_menu/default.php
0 202 posted 9 years ago by nico65
Custom sorting for events based on a custom field needs to be added to navigation-links.php requires plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ambrosite-nextprevious-post-link-plus/
0 122 posted 9 years ago by hussong
Originally from: http://wordpress.mfields.org/2010/selective-page-hierarchy-for-wp_list_pages/
0 119 posted 9 years ago by lawlesscreation
This function build page navigation links.\r\nParameters legend:\r\n- $items = total number of rows to be paginated\r\n- $perpage = how many rows to be displayed on a page\r\n- $maxlinks - how much page links to be build and shown for navigation ( <...
0 70 posted 9 years ago by stz184
This is a way to have a navigation menu with active classes which are set according to what page is loaded. This only works on .php pages.
0 197 posted 9 years ago by villagecreative
2 92 posted 10 years ago by brainwaves
If you have your wordpress subpages organized by parent pages... and you dont want the parent pages "clickable" this will fix you right up...
0 94 posted 10 years ago by mdesilets
0 72 posted 10 years ago by Perun
This will create a Navigation from a MySQL database table names. It removes the table name "includes" by default so you can see how to remove any certain tables you wish to not use as a site section. Just plug in your MySQL database details and co...
3 105 posted 11 years ago by jiggyhat
This is a snippet to assign an active class to active links when the navigation is included in a php file.
1 81 posted 11 years ago by grazz
An example of how to write your own navigation with dynamic "active" classes.
3 119 posted 11 years ago by kristarella
customized breadcrumbnavigation for PHPWCMS. Gives more control over styling and display. {MYBREADCRUMB:n}
0 74 posted 12 years ago by localhorst
Very simple navigation. Style the id using CSS. Allows you to highlight the current page with CSS.
1 119 posted 13 years ago by 1man
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