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This snippet shows you how to get previous and next post in category URL.
0 276 posted 7 years ago by fedek6
Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty is a premium 5-year-old Magento extension, to which you can entrust your navigation. It includes 7 mods: Seo layered navigation Shop by brands Ajax Layered Navigation Layered navigation filt...
0 265 posted 7 years ago by Amasty
Create navigation links without the need of a plugin, using paginate_links function of wordpress core.
0 249 posted 8 years ago by rudwolf
Manually print out a category-navigation in a magento frontend template. within "stristr" you can enter an array of category-ids that should be hidden from display.
0 279 posted 8 years ago by luxmedia
Add this to your functions.php file
0 240 posted 9 years ago by xcsteve99
0 190 posted 9 years ago by kbrown
0 231 posted 9 years ago by errkk
This was for a customer. Basically it does this: If a page has no children, it shows ... nothing, if a page has a parent, it shows all other children of this parent (siblings) and the current page if a page has a parent AND children (3rd level)...
0 209 posted 9 years ago by zartgesotten
usefull navigation stuff works in magento http://www.webdesign-blog.ch/?p=17 http://www.pauldonnellydesigns.com/blog/get-parent-category-name-in-magento/
0 257 posted 9 years ago by nico65
If you have Zend_Navigation in your application, you will use navigation.xml. This code set the page title ($this->view->headTitle()) with the current page title in navigation.xml. $navigation->current() doesn't work in my opinion.
0 275 posted 9 years ago by postNuKe
Fügen Sie diesen Codeabschnitt auf allen Seiten die mit der Breadcrumb-Navigation ausgestattet werden sollen, an der gewünschten Position ein.<br><br> Das Script arbeitet recht einfach:<br><br> <li>per 'explode("/","$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]")' wird...
0 310 posted 9 years ago by kopfaction
Copy /modules/mod_menu/tmpl/default.php to /templates/MYTEMPLATE/html/mod_menu/default.php
0 396 posted 9 years ago by nico65
0 231 posted 10 years ago by nico65
Custom sorting for events based on a custom field needs to be added to navigation-links.php requires plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ambrosite-nextprevious-post-link-plus/
0 259 posted 10 years ago by hussong
Originally from: http://wordpress.mfields.org/2010/selective-page-hierarchy-for-wp_list_pages/
0 259 posted 10 years ago by lawlesscreation
This function build page navigation links.\r\nParameters legend:\r\n- $items = total number of rows to be paginated\r\n- $perpage = how many rows to be displayed on a page\r\n- $maxlinks - how much page links to be build and shown for navigation ( <...
0 194 posted 10 years ago by stz184
This is a way to have a navigation menu with active classes which are set according to what page is loaded. This only works on .php pages.
0 426 posted 10 years ago by villagecreative
2 232 posted 10 years ago by brainwaves
If you have your wordpress subpages organized by parent pages... and you dont want the parent pages "clickable" this will fix you right up...
0 219 posted 11 years ago by mdesilets
0 197 posted 11 years ago by Perun
This will create a Navigation from a MySQL database table names. It removes the table name "includes" by default so you can see how to remove any certain tables you wish to not use as a site section. Just plug in your MySQL database details and co...
3 247 posted 11 years ago by jiggyhat
This is a snippet to assign an active class to active links when the navigation is included in a php file.
1 198 posted 12 years ago by grazz
An example of how to write your own navigation with dynamic "active" classes.
3 262 posted 12 years ago by kristarella
customized breadcrumbnavigation for PHPWCMS. Gives more control over styling and display. {MYBREADCRUMB:n}
0 201 posted 13 years ago by localhorst
Very simple navigation. Style the id using CSS. Allows you to highlight the current page with CSS.
1 291 posted 14 years ago by 1man
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