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Simple script to send SMS throught our HTTP API (Afilnet) with PHP. Steps: 1.- Register in Afilnet. http://www.afilnet.com/anunciante/registrar.php 2.- Login and get credits (10 free) to send SMS 3.- Use this script or html form example include in...
1 117 posted 5 years ago by Afilnet
Translate non alphanumeric characters into an underscore. Doesn't create double underscores if there's two spaces in a row. Also turns name to lowercase. Use with trim to avoid spaces at front or end.
0 86 posted 5 years ago by flatearthcomms
Select aus vorhandenen Daten des Datenbankobjektes
0 56 posted 5 years ago by ulfinger
0 64 posted 8 years ago by etechblog
WP Functions
0 85 posted 8 years ago by silentpro
Within your view, you place something like: <?=>session->flashdata('feedback') ?>
0 67 posted 9 years ago by screon
Add a login form to your wordpress themes frontend.
0 90 posted 9 years ago by prwhitehead
Simply define your POSTURL and POSTVARS in name = value string format. It will post the form.
0 97 posted 9 years ago by kumar_sekhar
This generates a simple insert statement for mysql based on all the variables in $_GET or $_POST using a simple page. It does not do the inserts although that is a simple addition - just builds and displays your insert statement.
1 159 posted 9 years ago by kidmizere
I made this function to render hidden form elements in a new page based on what was sent from the last form. This function can be used to preserve input from a long multiple-page form. What does it do: 1. Go through all the submitted POST eleme...
0 84 posted 9 years ago by chopbust
0 117 posted 9 years ago by alik
I thought this was pretty elegant code and wanted to share it with anyone who found it useful.
0 99 posted 9 years ago by mattneary
0 50 posted 9 years ago by ischenkodv
0 86 posted 9 years ago by rliverman
This was a fix for the form that allowed me to automatically replace the text when I focused on area. Find the file text.php inside modules. Replace line 89 with this code.
0 78 posted 9 years ago by gera3d
Here is a little bit of code I use from time to time to make a generic some what safe date selector for forms. I wanted something easy, small, and not relying on images, jquery, libraries, etc... Most importantly I wanted the date that was selected t...
0 72 posted 9 years ago by brownrl
formulário para enviar para os emails de acordo com o departamento escolhido no Select
0 61 posted 9 years ago by rbulgueroni
run as callback from form_validation->setrules ex: $this->form_validation->set_rules('cc_number','Credit Card #','required|max_length[20]|callback_alpha_dash_space');
0 67 posted 9 years ago by myke
On Zend Framework you can add options on Select Element on Form.php or Controller Action, and after you can disable it, on Form.php or Controller.php too.
1 158 posted 9 years ago by postNuKe
After i saw this snippet http://snipplr.com/view/33790/form-country-code-select-with-if-selected-test/ i wanted to make the code better :D To make it easier to maintain
0 105 posted 10 years ago by cigraphics
1 112 posted 10 years ago by daipratt
Frequently I like to make data more user friendly, so while I make it easy for them to add a date as a shorthand format (mm/dd/yyyy) I like to return it as something easier to digest (Day of Month in Year, etc). This is the simplest way to do that I'...
0 67 posted 10 years ago by xekonic
Resizing fields using a custom module You could also resize the field using a custom module. For example, if you created mysite.module, you could use something like this to reduce the field size to 30 characters
4 100 posted 10 years ago by marcelodornelas
1 46 posted 10 years ago by petrafull
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