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Ask the user with a confirmation dialog if the link should be followed or not.
0 119 posted 7 years ago by gummiost
Convert a form submit button code to a hyperlink code and hide the form
0 117 posted 8 years ago by pavlosvos
0 118 posted 9 years ago by ronal
<p>usage: <br> <code>&lt;a href="" onclick="recordOutboundLink(link, category, action, opt_label, opt_value);return false;"&gt; <br> &lt;form id="uniqueID" onsubmit="trackFormSubmit(form, category, action, opt_label, opt_value);return false;"&gt;</...
0 231 posted 9 years ago by freezy
uses JavaScript to check DOM for proper clean linkback to widget source
1 131 posted 10 years ago by cartercole
0 83 posted 10 years ago by silverskymedia
3 165 posted 10 years ago by Mosaic
Passes variables for url and highlighted text.
0 121 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
Go to link location when tab clicked (or selected actually) using 'select' event.
0 155 posted 11 years ago by ardissoebrata
Two different ways to open an external link (ones that start in http) in a new window. I know this isn't a great thing to do, but some clients _need_ to have it.
3 260 posted 12 years ago by 1man
0 82 posted 12 years ago by wizard04
This simple little snippet will allow you to change two iframes with the click of just one link.
1 129 posted 12 years ago by aristoworks
1 106 posted 12 years ago by wesbaker
It redirects the url with JS.
0 123 posted 12 years ago by skywalker
Name the form what ever you like, but make sure that is reflected in the javascript.
0 1102 posted 12 years ago by jachin
Shows you how to link 2 objects together via the object function. If a value isn't found in the object, it will look for it in the linked object.
0 102 posted 13 years ago by 1man
The ideal use of this code would be to save the Javascript code as a .js file. Then use the HTML code at the bottom to call it wherever you want on the web page.
1 153 posted 14 years ago by Jaymoon
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