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  1. FAV

    Show Current Date

    For a complete list of time/date parameters, visit: http://php.net/manual/function.date.php
    PHP saved by 4 people 1 views posted 11 years ago Jaymoon
  2. FAV

    PHP File Editor

    The original code was meant to be used with register_globals=on. If you cannot or don't want to turn that on, then I have modified the code to work with register_globals=off.
    PHP saved by 36 people 16 views posted 12 years ago Jaymoon
  3. FAV

    Random image with link

    The ideal use of this code would be to save the Javascript code as a .js file. Then use the HTML code at the bottom to call it wherever you want on the web page.
    JavaScript saved by 16 people 1 views posted 13 years ago Jaymoon
  4. FAV

    Small caps text

    CSS 0 views posted 13 years ago Jaymoon
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