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move Drupal tags from one vocabulary into another

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I had several vocabularies but wanted to merge them into one. A simple query does this for you.

The vocabularyid where I wanted to merge all the tags into is 3 The vocabularyid where the tags are to be merged from is 7, 8 and 12

  1. UPDATE term_data SET vid = 3 WHERE vid IN(7, 8, 12)

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Posted By: ReeceMarsland on January 8, 2010

Nice, you can also achieve this with: :-D

Posted By: berkes on January 15, 2010

Thanks for the link. I was aware of that module, but often, one-time-actions are simpler to achieve with a database migration (e.g. in hookupodateN) than with a new module.

Posted By: STaRDoGG on November 3, 2012

Great if you have some sort of Tag system that makes use of the Taxonomy.

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