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I recently found the need to run multiple CodeIgniter applications inside of a single codebase for development & test purposes. So, I rewrote a few lines of the primary index file (/index.php) to automatically route URLs like to the CodeIgniter application within /system/application/subdomain.

As a catch-all, the snippet will route the "www" subdomain (and requests with no subdomain) to application/live.

This is a nice & tidy way to give your development, test and live versions of a site their own unique subdomains. Works great when passing the URLs to clients for testing & approval.

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  1. $domain = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];
  3. if(fnmatch('*.*.*', $domain)) {
  4. $subdomain = explode(".", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
  5. $application_folder = ($subdomain[0] == "www") ? "application/live" : "application/".$subdomain[0];
  6. } else {
  7. $application_folder = "application/live";
  8. }


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