Lookup Belgian provinces in Excel based on postal code

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Assuming that cell E15 contains a Belgina code consisting of four numbers

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  1. =IF(E15<1300;"Brussel";IF(E15<1500;"Waals Brabant";IF(E15<2000;"Vlaams Brabant";IF(E15<3000;"Antwerpen";IF(E15<3500;"Vlaams Brabant";IF(E15<4000;"Limburg";IF(E15<5000;"Luik";IF(E15<6000;"Namen";IF(E15<6600;"Henegouwen";IF(E15<7000;"Luxemburg";IF(E15<8000;"Henegouwen";IF(E15<9000;"West-Vlaanderen";IF(E15<10000;"Oost-Vlaanderen";"Not found")))))))))))))

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