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Code explains itself. I plan to do a lot more work on it - just wanted to throw it up here for a little sharing. Feel free to take it to the next level.
1 465 posted 14 years ago by brettbergeron
This is a quick & dirty helper for pumping out those annoying little link sharing URLS. I've kept it simple, so all it does is return a URL formatted for a particular service. To use it, just pass a string of the service name to the helper followe...
1 581 posted 14 years ago by brettbergeron
Below are two functions I've been using to make event tracking a little easier in CodeIgniter. Two functions are available, google_analytics() & track_event(). google_analytics() takes one argument and uses it as the UA code for your tracking p...
5 1018 posted 14 years ago by brettbergeron
The below code helps you move your site assets (images, css, javascript) to a public folder inside the application directory of CodeIgniter. One thing you'll need to do is define ASSETPATH to be the path to the location of your public items. For m...
1 561 posted 14 years ago by brettbergeron
I recently found the need to run multiple CodeIgniter applications inside of a single codebase for development & test purposes. So, I rewrote a few lines of the primary index file (/index.php) to automatically route URLs like to...
3 589 posted 14 years ago by brettbergeron
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