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fixture_file_upload is another nifty Rails testing feature. It allows you to create "MIME-encoded content that would normally be uploaded by a browser input field." (Part in quotes straight from Agile Web Development with Rails, v2). Put your files t...
3 608 posted 14 years ago by tjstankus
The key here is display:none being in the style attribute of the affected div. It will not work if it's in a separate CSS file.
6 390 posted 15 years ago by tjstankus
A fairly DRY way to test for required attributes of a model. It's sort of an alternative to fixtures. It breaks the one-assertion-per-test rule that some people favor. Drop in your unit test and edit as necessary. A better (yet not quite perfect)...
3 368 posted 15 years ago by tjstankus
2 350 posted 15 years ago by tjstankus
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