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Nothing amazing here, just an efficient way to get the first row. Be sure to set your ORDER BY clause properly.
0 994 posted 15 years ago by stews
I often need to know if a record exists in a table. This method is probably the most efficient. Too many people don't use the exceptions that Oracle provides, which is a shame. I think I got it from Tom Kyte's site? Or Steven Feuerstein?
0 802 posted 15 years ago by stews
This compares selected columns between 2 tables that you think might have differences. It lists the rows and values that are different between the two sources You can add WHERE clauses as appropriate. You could also use this to compare the resul...
0 966 posted 15 years ago by stews
I can never remember the syntax on the "FOR UPDATE OF" clause!
0 660 posted 15 years ago by stews
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