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  1. FAV

    What MySQL Table Has What Column

    How to find a given column in a given database in MySQL
    MySQL saved by 9 people 12 views posted 7 years ago philsown
  2. FAV

    Var Debug or Dump Library

    A little pile of functions I use for implementing a nice var dump alternative.
    PHP 13 views posted 7 years ago philsown
  3. FAV

    Subversion Adding All Unversion Files

    A quick script to add all of your unversioned files. Good when working in bulk.
    Bash 6 views posted 9 years ago philsown
  4. FAV

    Email Validation Function

    I used to have the strlen block and the 2 preg if blocks each separately return false throughout, but lately I'm in a single point of exit mindset. I cannot take credit for the regexps - I borrowed them from someone who borrowed them. If the real...
    PHP 4 views posted 9 years ago philsown
  5. FAV

    Humor - Wrapper Functions - Who has time to find/replace?

    I found this snippet - and about 10 others like it - in an app I am re-factoring. Apparently re-factoring db\_fetch\_assoc was too much trouble, as was finding and replacing all references to it with the new function name.
    PHP 4 views posted 9 years ago philsown
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