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  1. FAV

    TextMate Ruby Snippet Posting

    Ruby saved by 9 people 6 views posted 11 years ago nighthawk
  2. FAV

    TextMate Ruby Snippet Retrieval

    Ruby saved by 18 people 7 views posted 11 years ago nighthawk
  3. FAV

    XHTML 1.0 Template for jQuery

    Based on templates by luxuryluke and Kevin Hale. Basic XHTML 1.0 layout which includes basic layout structure and is prepared for jQuery. On load a 'js' class is added to the root element in order to nicely handle graceful degradation if JS is dis...
    XHTML saved by 288 people 44 views posted 11 years ago nighthawk
  4. FAV

    jQuery preloading content

    Thanks to Matt Farina This snippet is useful for preloading content with media that has been received via an AJAX request. For simple preloading of known images, see similar snippet.
    JavaScript saved by 24 people 17 views posted 11 years ago nighthawk
  5. FAV

    jQuery preloading images

    Thanks to Matt Farina Also see similar snippet for preloading arbitrary content, e.g. media in content received via AJAX.
    JavaScript saved by 56 people 45 views posted 11 years ago nighthawk
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