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Name: Nazariy Slyusarchuk

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  1. FAV

    Get Apache Version and other installed software versions as associative array

    this function return associative array from SERVER_SOFTWARE
    PHP saved by 9 people 6 views posted 9 years ago naz
  2. FAV

    Clean variables from SQL injections

    This little function helps to fight common security issue with SQL injections, it can sanitize any global variable like $_POST, $_GET, $_SERVER etc and escape unsafe characters.
    PHP saved by 80 people 20 views posted 10 years ago naz
  3. FAV

    Phone number beutifier

    This function clean up phone number and present it in styled way.
    PHP saved by 81 people 13 views posted 10 years ago naz
  4. FAV

    UK postcode parser

    This function can validate and parse UK postcode like SW1A 1AA in to formated array.
    PHP saved by 18 people 3 views posted 11 years ago naz
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