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Useful when using a template or Wordpress and the LeadPages code is called on every page and there is a single page you don't want the fancy exit marketing signup form to appear. The LeadBox external code has a boolean variable called 'safetyCheck...
0 605 posted 8 years ago by mountainash
ClickDesk's website chat JavaScript API is very basic, it only allows for a few customisations, but no event control. And with a last of whitelist/blacklist URL restriction functionality on a large site their code is often in the template. I created...
0 533 posted 9 years ago by mountainash
I made this simple JavaScript to save me time. I was sick of having to thumb-bash on a tiny keypad or login to the slow Clickatell site and use their clunky interface (nothing it simpler than 2 text boxes and an OK button). You will need an HTTP A...
1 536 posted 15 years ago by mountainash
Based on the linked SitePoint article but with options to limit the container (eg body copy) and set the target. Use '_blank' for a new window for each link. Also adds a class (based on the rel value) for styling. Call the 'relWindow' on window load.
2 614 posted 16 years ago by mountainash
This is just a collection of shortened SVN commands (may take a split-second of time less than normal)
0 494 posted 16 years ago by mountainash
Handy for after submitting a form or moving sites and wanting to tell users about the change. Just change the URL (can be absolute or relative) and the timeout. Shown here as 5 seconds.
5 840 posted 16 years ago by mountainash
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