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  1. FAV Get Current Page URL (Context) for WordPress

    This script will return the URL for the current page you're on, including category and tag pages.
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    posted 10 years ago jonhenshaw
  2. FAV Manage Multiple WordPress Sites With One Database and One Code Base

    This is a simple but powerful tweak to the wp-config.php file that will make it easy to run multiple websites using one database and codebase. Simply change "" with your domain and that's it. Repeat that line for new domains.
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    posted 11 years ago jonhenshaw
  3. FAV Download vCard Script

    Features: Complies to version 2.1 of the vCard specification Supports the following attributes: * Name * Formatted Name * Phone and fax numbers * Birthday * Address * Address label * email address * notes...
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    posted 11 years ago jonhenshaw
  4. FAV Email Form to Send Message on Web Page

    Step 1: Copy and paste the e-mail Form Code into a 'contact.php' page (must be a html/php page on a server that allows php!). Step 2: Copy n paste the sendeail.php code into a new file. Change the YourEmail section to include your email address. T...
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    posted 12 years ago jonhenshaw
  5. FAV Show Random Image, File and/or HTML

    This randomly displays 1 of the 5 arrays (amount of arrays to choose from can be reduced or increased)
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    posted 12 years ago jonhenshaw
  6. FAV Simple PHP randomizer

    Visit the link for instructions on how to use it.
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    posted 13 years ago jonhenshaw
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