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  1. FAV

    ASP.net & MS AJAX: Enabling WebKit support (chrome, safari) in MS AJAX (fixing webkit browser detection)

    Load this Javascript after the MS AJAX files have been loaded. In the example I am using jQuery to call the patchMicrosoftAjax() method, but you can use any method you desire.
    JavaScript 8 views posted 10 years ago jink
  2. FAV

    ASP.net: Page Validation on Client Side.

    Page_ClientValidate is a global function. When called this will return true/false if the validator group provided is valid or not.
    JavaScript 3 views posted 10 years ago jink
  3. FAV

    JS/ASP.net: Bind to UpdatePanel's update event in Javascript

    JavaScript 3 views posted 10 years ago jink
  4. FAV

    ASP.net: Add a Javascript tag to the HEAD of the page.

    Call with the path of any javascript you want to load into the HEAD of the ASPX page.
    C# saved by 3 people 5 views posted 10 years ago jink
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