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Load this Javascript after the MS AJAX files have been loaded. In the example I am using jQuery to call the patchMicrosoftAjax() method, but you can use any method you desire.
0 984 posted 13 years ago by jink
Page_ClientValidate is a global function. When called this will return true/false if the validator group provided is valid or not.
0 514 posted 14 years ago by jink
Bind the DropDownList like normal (set DataSourceID, DataTextField, DataValueField), and <%BIND%> the SelectedValue field. AutoPostBack should be enabled. In the OnSelectedIndexChanged:
0 638 posted 14 years ago by jink
Use this code to pull a DotNetNuke URL from a tab name. We use this to replace "?tabname=blah" type URLs which do NOT transfer language info.
0 691 posted 14 years ago by jink
Call with the path of any javascript you want to load into the HEAD of the ASPX page.
1 803 posted 14 years ago by jink
Returns the postback sender ID. This is usually a button ID from a form that caused a post back.
0 603 posted 14 years ago by jink
Call AddKeepAlive() in Page_Load of the page that needs it. Change the path to the correct keep alive page. Page should disable caching, like in second code snippet.
2 662 posted 14 years ago by jink
Replace *SERVERNAME* with the name of the server name in the web.config
2 576 posted 14 years ago by jink
Code snippet prevents caching of the page by setting http header values and a LAST MODIFIED header to prevent google from caching too long. This should go into the page load event.
1 546 posted 14 years ago by jink
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