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Verify that the Execute("ping") method is never called.
0 523 posted 6 years ago by heathbo
The code to verify that a method was called. The this.mockProvider.Verify verifies that GetBiAutoProcessConfigByKeys is called.
0 429 posted 7 years ago by heathbo
The ExpectedException section under [TestMethod] is where you tell Moq what type of exception your listening for. If that exception is thrown, then this test will pass and it will stop running all the code under the target.CalculateProvisionalPrice....
0 773 posted 7 years ago by heathbo
Example 1: I'm verifying that the list that is passed in has 3 attachments. SendMail is run later in the SendEmail method. Example 2: I'm verifying that the object that is passed into the method has the appropriate values.
0 618 posted 7 years ago by heathbo
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