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Make sure Jackson core and Mappers are on classpath. So who can explain why userImage has a size of 7. I assume the byte-Array is encoded. What format?
0 587 posted 13 years ago by hansamann
Thanx to Guillaume Laforge, who provided this code snippet of Groovy code in a GSP. The snippet below is more or less the same, less the HTML. It will show all future evens and create a eventMap for each event.
0 918 posted 15 years ago by hansamann
2 821 posted 16 years ago by hansamann
This (almost) one-liner cascades into all subdirectories and deletes the files first, then the directories. Makes deleting a directory really easy. This was originally posted by John Wilson into the Groovy user list.
2 1393 posted 17 years ago by hansamann
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