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Remove breaklines / html formatting
2 467 posted 12 years ago by derekholmes
default.aspx?id=5 queryString('id') will return 5 Also this will convert to lower case. IIS / is not case sensitive so my function isn't either.
0 323 posted 13 years ago by derekholmes
The easy way to set this up is to go to the macro window by pressing alt+F11. Select the sheet from left panel. there will be two drop down. from the left drop down select worksheet and from right drop down list select the event 'change'.
0 522 posted 13 years ago by derekholmes
Reads the EXIF Data to find the actual original taken date. This is available on most camera's.
1 1397 posted 13 years ago by derekholmes
Will disable the button and still allow the postback event
0 456 posted 13 years ago by derekholmes
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