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From the Pickaxe, 4th edition, p. 352: A rescue clause with no parameter is treated as if it had a parameter of StandardError. This means that some lower-level exceptions will not be caught by a parameterless rescue class. If you want to rescue ev...
1 487 posted 11 years ago by cczona
'port install ruby' sometimes results in malloc errors near the final phase (just after destroot completes). It appears that macports may be out of memory while installing documentation.
0 403 posted 14 years ago by cczona
Suppose you created a script chart.rb in /home/foo/ruby/mylib direcory. Now, you want to use this in the app.rb located in /home/foo/ruby/scripts. In ~/.bash_profile:
0 405 posted 15 years ago by cczona
Note: most of these will be available to the shell and Rails' console too.
2 556 posted 15 years ago by cczona
"When using haml, an HTML tag is represented using %tagname, but in the case of an HTML tag with attributes, the representation is %tagname{:attribute => value}. It turns out there must be no whitespace between %tagname and {:attribute => value}....
1 437 posted 15 years ago by cczona
"The new naming scheme for template (eg. .html.erb) does not seem to work for partials. When using :partial => 'form' a filename "_form.html.erb" is not recognized. " Rails now requires the partial to be referenced by dotted format
1 465 posted 15 years ago by cczona
See also p. 348 ("Invoking a Method") of Pickaxe 2nd edition
1 463 posted 15 years ago by cczona
Following a
2 458 posted 15 years ago by cczona
This is handy for testing, when you need to simulate an open file or open URI. Why, and the Pickaxe book, have better examples
1 493 posted 15 years ago by cczona
URI objects can be opened directly by open-uri
0 570 posted 15 years ago by cczona
You can turn off warnings for a section of your code by setting $VERBOSE to nil. Even better is to codify this in a method. Since this method takes a block as its parameter, you can now pass it arbitrary chunks of code to execute without warnings.
1 470 posted 15 years ago by cczona
Beware of requiring 'CGI'. There's trouble in them thar hills/
1 266 posted 15 years ago by cczona
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