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Sometimes it is usefull to hide that you're using wordpress. Rename wp-content folder to "media" and add this un wp-settings.php just before including the settings.
0 135 posted 5 years ago by burnandbass
saveToStorage("objectName", {javascript:"object"}); To get the object use getFromStorage("objectName"); If the object does not exist, the function returns new empty object;
0 105 posted 6 years ago by burnandbass
Hi; Sometimes you need to "trim" textifield for specific height... This solves just this, perfect for news, news-readers, rss etc
1 174 posted 8 years ago by burnandbass
Use this class to create a simple upload-to-flash button. Select image from your local harddrive and upload it in flash, later you can get is as Bitmap() object All images are stored in static array, so you can retrive it anywhere you want in your c...
1 341 posted 8 years ago by burnandbass
0 112 posted 8 years ago by burnandbass
Simple usage: var xmlLoader:LoadXMLUtil = new LoadXMLUtil("path_to_xml.xml"); xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoaderComplete); private function onLoaderComplete(event:Event):void{ trace("Loaded XML: "); trace(xmlLoader.xml...
2 103 posted 9 years ago by burnandbass
Very simple and basic TextHandle class, extends TextField... You can extend to fit your needs. Basic usage: var a:TextHandle = new TextHandle("some text"); addChild(a) Optional params: _size: uint ( default 22 ) - size of the textfiled...
1 154 posted 9 years ago by burnandbass
Sometimes you need special array functions, not build in AS3. Special ArrayUtils class with some static methods can help us :)
5 142 posted 9 years ago by burnandbass
Sometimes you need to tween a number (for example from 1-100) and to get the number
1 104 posted 9 years ago by burnandbass
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