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Working on creating a 'days ago' script. I know some already exist, but I just want to know how to do it myself. I'm also incorporating leap year functionality and some utility functions that could be used on other projects.
2 871 posted 13 years ago by alvincrespo
These are important object oriented principles (OOP) that one must understand in PHP to create dynamic web applications. I hope you find this useful in understanding inheritance.
0 527 posted 14 years ago by alvincrespo
This is the beginning of my retrieval of twitter status class...just something im playing with right now. It retrieves the xml, saves it on your server, then you can either use javascript or php to traverse the xml tree.
0 681 posted 14 years ago by alvincrespo
Just a beginning, hoping to refine this ASAP.
0 803 posted 14 years ago by alvincrespo
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