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demo at ... Give an element a background color transparency without affecting the opacity of child or descendant elements. This is a no-PNG method!
0 711 posted 13 years ago by adamcoulombe
NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO GITHUB: If you have any ideas or improvements for this script feel free to fork or contribute or discuss over there: Plugin Download:
2 1343 posted 14 years ago by adamcoulombe
This implements a pure CSS technique for creating triangles. A great practical usage of this is Web 2.0 style comment/speach bubbles. Demo:
1 747 posted 14 years ago by adamcoulombe
This is handy for cleaning up your HTML to use more plain text and fewer img tags. Whether this is SEO friendly or not is subjective. I tend to think it's fine as long as you don't use it for spam. Digg implements a similar method for their main logo...
1 857 posted 14 years ago by adamcoulombe
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