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A simple PHP function for fetching tweets. Just provide your Twitter screen name and how many tweets you want and that is it. The function returns a simplified result set because you rarely need all the stuff that the Twitter API throws your way. If...
1 652 posted 11 years ago by Sverri
The code is not particularly pretty but it does the job. If you call this file css.php you can call it like this: css.php?files=reset,style,iefix&minify=yes
1 651 posted 13 years ago by Sverri
The player selects a range from 0 to n, remembers a number in this range and then the script asks the player a question trying to guess the number. The PC will always guess the correct number.\r\n\r\nI could have added more varied questions, but the...
0 439 posted 13 years ago by Sverri
See code comments for more details.
1 508 posted 13 years ago by Sverri
When working in PHP I sometimes want to know exactly what is in a variable. This is easy enough to find out, but having this function around it is even easier, as it includes the HTML pre tag making it easier to read, and it allows you to choose how...
1 565 posted 13 years ago by Sverri
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