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Name: Colin Smith

Location: New Hampshire

I am a mildly advanced user posting some of my scripts and/or programs for my own convenience, and of course the same applies to anyone else should they choose to use my snippets.

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This is a fraction of a much larger script which does multiple tasks. This scriptlet is intended to be interactive and somewhat user-friendly. First, it asks if you want to place the computer into sleep mode, then it kills pesky processes associated...
1 755 posted 11 years ago by Rectifier
Uses the sysinternals (microsoft) utility PsLogList to save specified event logs to files and then clears them. Method can be used to save logs as .evt and .evtx. This script has four event logs listed as an example and has a template command comment...
0 1081 posted 11 years ago by Rectifier
This is a simple batch script to clear the event logs from a windows 7 or server 2008 machine. The script does *not* save these logs. This was tested on a local machine but could be adapted for remote use.
1 832 posted 11 years ago by Rectifier
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