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  1. FAV

    Common Custom PHP Date Formats

    In drupal, you can configure custom formats at: http://yourdomain.com/admin/settings/date-time/formats/add You can also use these in a custom php function like: <?php>created, 'custom', "F jS, Y"); ?> To look up more options see http://php.ne...
    Other saved by 1 person 0 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
  2. FAV

    Drupal Menu Items that are not links

    This snippet allows admins to create menu items which do not link anywhere. This is most useful in situations where one wants to have dropdown menus where the parent item should not be a link. This same method could be used to create non-linking...
    PHP saved by 1 person 2 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
  3. FAV

    drush, bash commands

    Bash 3 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
  4. FAV

    Recursively chmod directories or files

    This will recursively search your directory tree (starting at dir ‘dot’) and chmod 755 all directories only. find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \; Similarly, the following will chmod all files only (and ignore the directories): find . -...
    Bash saved by 4 people 4 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
  5. FAV

    drupal - update core

    procedure for updating drupal core.
    Bash 0 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
  6. FAV

    Curly Quotes using jQuery and CSS - pullquotes, blockquotes, and more...

    This is a method that I use to easily wrap an HTML container with nice curly quotes. I much prefer this method over using images because the quotes can be easily stylized using css fonts, colors, and sizes. Also, the markup is semantically correct.
    jQuery saved by 9 people 2 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
  7. FAV

    border-radius with IE support using htc behavior

    note that for the corners to work in IE, you need to install the htc code from http://code.google.com/p/curved-corner/ .curved { -moz-border-radius:10px; /* Firefox */ -webkit-border-radius:10px; /* Safari and chrome */ -khtml-border-r...
    CSS saved by 4 people 1 views posted 9 years ago MikeyLikesIt
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