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This tiny jQuery plug in forces a user to enter only numeric values on an input field by silently removing non-numeric values as they're entered. (Caution: Never rely on client-side validation; use server-side validation as well)
2 990 posted 13 years ago by BrunoDeBarros
Prints an array (recursive) as PHP code (can be pasted into a php file and it will work). Note: This function can process arrays with integers/strings/sub-arrays. It is impossible to process resources (they have a state), and while it is possible...
1 707 posted 13 years ago by BrunoDeBarros
This will make all errors be shown and logged. Useful for when you want to figure out what's wrong but the production server doesn't display any errors.
1 582 posted 13 years ago by BrunoDeBarros
I wrote this code for when I need to get files from other servers and put them on my own server. I wanted to simplify it as much as possible.
1 7468 posted 13 years ago by BrunoDeBarros
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