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If you're using a lot of rounded corners in your design, save your fingers some time with this border-radius snippet.
2 442 posted 13 years ago by 67ideas
I never, ever remember the @font-face declaration, so I made a snippet. This makes it easy to quickly include a webfont in your source.
2 481 posted 13 years ago by 67ideas
This is a bare-bones, centered Tumblr layout with no styling, and a right-aligned sidebar. It has blocks for every content type, so completing this with your custom styling should be quick and easy.
1 493 posted 13 years ago by 67ideas
This lets you type Mandarin tones like a1, o2, e3, and so on instead of having to type the real pinyin. The tones are saved with the proper characters in the database.
0 600 posted 13 years ago by 67ideas
Put the height_options method into a helper file, and use it as the select collection for select or collection_select. It allows heights between 4 feet and 7 feet. To change these limits, change 48 and 84 to some other numbers.
0 465 posted 13 years ago by 67ideas
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