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  1. Our Ruby on Rails Container is a completely customizable system that allows you to install any version of the RoR software stack that you want. So you can install the latest software versions or choose a older version if that's what your project requires. When we provision a container for you it comes as an empty environment. You can then follow our step by step guide to setup the most common software stack or choose to install whatever you want. All these actions are done by you on the command line using the mtr tool that we created.
  3. You can upgrade your Ruby versions via SSH with some very simple commands:
  5. $ gem sources --add http://gems.mediatemple.net
  6. $ gem install rails --version x.x.x
  8. With a Ruby on Rails Container you have complete flexibility to manage and install any pure Ruby or pre-compiled gems you want without worrying about breaking your applications when we upgrade our ruby stack. However, if security problems are found, we will require customers to upgrade their frozen gems.
  10. If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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