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Use to sort table columns by clicking on the table headings
0 3997 posted 1 year ago by jlustre
Sorts a list by its 'data-' attribute. Customization is very easy.
0 432 posted 9 years ago by inreflection7
0 919 posted 11 years ago by mrhoo
0 347 posted 11 years ago by smashu
1 343 posted 11 years ago by iaian7
This is based on the [Sort Gmail Messages By Bookmarklet](http://snipplr.com/view/10432/sort-gmail-messages-by-subject/ "Sort Gmail Messages By Bookmarklet - http://snipplr.com/view/10432/sort-gmail-messages-by-subject/") snippet. Drag this int...
1 363 posted 12 years ago by roryok
This is a very simple bookmarklet that will temporarily sort the *visible* messages in Gmail by subject. You'll have to run it again each time Gmail refreshes the list. [Sort Gmail Messages](javascript:(function(){function%20f(r){var%20t=r...
0 353 posted 12 years ago by wizard04
sorting a table through javascript
3 438 posted 13 years ago by ginoplusio
jQuery Plugin for returning selected DOM Nodes in DOM order. e.g. $('img.L,img.Y') will not be guaranteed DOM order (usually all the L's then all the Y's). Currently only works with IE and FF (that's all I needed).
1 348 posted 13 years ago by kouphax
This function will sort an array of DOM elements in order of the DOM position. Useful when using calls such as $$("img.L,img.M") which doesn;t return a sorted element array. It uses prototype but you can replace the Prototype.Browser stuff with a...
0 476 posted 13 years ago by kouphax
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