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In this post you will learn how to log errors in database in cakephp.
0 390 posted 7 years ago by kp32
Simple logger function
1 401 posted 9 years ago by MikeDevDes
Tiny script to write a daily logfile with the serverload. Can be run every X minutes using a cron for example. Result in logfile: 13.40 | 2.45 2.45 2.43 13.45 | 1.62 2.02 2.25
0 318 posted 10 years ago by remko
This class can log messages to a file. If the log file becomes too large (over 1MB), the class will archive it and will create new. If there are archives older than one month, they will be deleted automatically. In the future versions I will add th...
0 404 posted 10 years ago by stz184
So i wanted to spit all my error_log(); and error_reporting(E_ALL); to syslog on my MacOSX and syslog would output it on a custom file.
0 525 posted 11 years ago by sadus
I'm originally a sys admin and i love "tail - f /var/log/*" ... so i created a similar function in PHP that will allow me to view in real time what classes/functions/files/lines of my code is being run... The usage is really simple, just set a glo...
1 630 posted 11 years ago by sadus
I’ve recently had to quickly parse an Apache log file, to get basic usage statistics for a site over a month and wanted the ability to quickly process any general logs and store them in a MySQL table, so I’ve made a small package class.log. In...
2 463 posted 11 years ago by dom111
I written this code to parse apache log in common log formats. It may have problems with irresponsible formatting like non-concluded into quotes request line. I welcome any modifications to my snippet because it was written if short time and this is...
0 363 posted 12 years ago by mpontus
Create log.txt in scripts directory and set permissions to 0666 before use.
0 352 posted 12 years ago by Nek
4 386 posted 12 years ago by iTony
1 379 posted 13 years ago by Zver
0 272 posted 13 years ago by mischachen
Replace all mysql_query() calls in your project to debug_mysql_query() to see all mysql queries in Firebug console.
1 458 posted 13 years ago by stancell
2 302 posted 13 years ago by Tank
1 416 posted 14 years ago by nicolaspar
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