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1 239 posted 11 years ago by jmiller
find great websites by scraping links from delicious.com
0 282 posted 11 years ago by halotis
3 298 posted 12 years ago by cshaiku
I'm new to jQuery, so please be kind if there are any errors or redundancies in the code. The problem: Basically, we were getting tons of scammers signing up on our Kickapps hosted community. They were immediately posting dozens of RSS feeds & lin...
0 407 posted 12 years ago by Jdonner
You can get hostname from script environment - getenv("HTTP_HOST") (?!'.$host.') matches URLs always except local links
0 294 posted 12 years ago by kossmoss
These 4 lines of code can be used to extract and return all links from any page using regex patterns. If links are found, an array is returned, else boolean false is returned.
4 471 posted 12 years ago by gdvickery
The basis to a spider.
5 338 posted 12 years ago by Unreal
Nice simple snippet. Great for forum scripts.
1 309 posted 12 years ago by Unreal
Removed a certain word from a list of links (purely for design reasons). Link length way to long with the link included.
1 411 posted 12 years ago by 1man
There's been a popular trend to use JavaScript to add target="_blank" to anchors with rel="external". So in the name of making everything in my site Prototype based I worked out a script to do just that.
2 285 posted 12 years ago by fruehjahr
Remove that pesky dotted border around img elements, especially images inside <a> / link tags.
4 326 posted 12 years ago by charmcitycoder
1 245 posted 12 years ago by iTony
IE 5.5 to 6 don't support generic PNG with Alpha-Channel To get the advantage of PNGs use the akward AlphaImageLoader-filter (AIL) as described on the msdn site ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms532969(VS.85).aspx ). But because the AIL...
3 324 posted 13 years ago by HerrSerker
output can be run as a shell script. should be able to refactor this as a piped wget, i think
1 268 posted 13 years ago by jhenry
Place the first function, phptemplate_links() in your template.php file. Alternatively (and IMO better) is to name the function your_theme_name_links() where your_theme_name is the name of your theme. From here on, you can add theme functions like...
2 334 posted 13 years ago by berkes
¿Por qué empeñarnos en hacer enlaces que actúen como botones? ¿Por qué no hacemos botones que parezcan enlaces?
0 231 posted 13 years ago by j_junyent
0 238 posted 13 years ago by pablazo
Por ejemplo, haciendo uso del operador ^= (que nos permite seleccionar solo aquellos elementos cuyo atributo especificado coincida, al comienzo de la cadena, con el valor especificado) podremos crear una reglas para determinar el aspecto de nuestros...
4 303 posted 14 years ago by Hirmine
Open a new window without using target="_blank" for XHTML 1.1. Need jQuery Framework : http://jquery.com/
15 813 posted 15 years ago by walepinski
Simple styling for the links on a webpage using CSS. Sometimes hard to remember what order the have to be in for the :hover to work correctly. (Now fixed :)
2 401 posted 15 years ago by 1man
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