Kickapps: use jQuery & CSS to hide MYRSS & MYLINKS buttons in member profile edit pages

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I'm new to jQuery, so please be kind if there are any errors or redundancies in the code.

The problem: Basically, we were getting tons of scammers signing up on our Kickapps hosted community. They were immediately posting dozens of RSS feeds & links on their profiles, in order to raise their search engine rankings. Since our community doesn't need these features enabled for members, we decided that we should just eliminate them to help deal with the scamming problem.

Notes: Kickapps includes the jQuery library automatically during page renders. While this jQuery code is useful, it is not a permanent solution. The relevant on the member pages' toolbar (inside the #ka_manageSubNav div) should also be hidden with CSS, otherwise they will be visible to the usesr before the script kicks in and removes them from the page. Also, the generated code is still present in the page source, so savvy scammers can problably still get around it to some extent. To that end, we've also eliminated the display of links and feeds on the public front-end of the members' profile pages using similar techniques.

The jQuery code should be placed in your custom global page template. It is found at the Kickapps Affiliate Center > Configure > Pages > Global Page Template. The CSS can either be included in the template or in a custom attatched style sheet. These same techniques can be used to hide other Kickapps-generated page elements, also.

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  1. jQuery code to remove toolbar buttons:
  4. <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
  5. $j(document).ready(function() {
  6. $j("#ka_mkpMyRSS").remove();
  7. $j("#ka_mkpMyLinks").remove();
  8. });
  9. </script>
  14. Css code to hide the toolbar buttons:
  16. #ka_manageSubNav.ka_mkpMyLinks, #ka_manageSubNav.ka_mkpMyRSS {display: none !important;}

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