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1 458 posted 12 years ago by cleo
This little trick will prevent line breaks on your links. I recommend using this with long text to avoid having links break into 2 lines.
0 527 posted 12 years ago by blueocto
0 357 posted 12 years ago by lickasha
Used the first sql statement to find your menu item. (Replace menu-% with the name of your menu eg. "primary-links" . Then using the menu item id fix the items you want to regain the good old delete button on the menu item.
0 716 posted 12 years ago by Onfire60
When adding a link to a form say for instance a login form you can use drupal_get_destination() to return the user to the page they were on when they finish loging in. This show you how to do this programatically in a link l(); function.
0 527 posted 12 years ago by Onfire60
After an attempt to more a live site to a personal server for further work I ran across the problem of a mix of absolut and relative links making the local copy not work. Not wanting to manually have to change every single absolute to a relative (bec...
0 505 posted 12 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
0 392 posted 12 years ago by bringer
This also use PIE.htc to force rounded corners in IE.
0 707 posted 13 years ago by Meander365
There are many ways to have jQuery open external links for you. Some depend on relative URL\'s for internal links and absolute URL\'s for external links. Some analyze the link to see if it matches your domain. These are great but can sometimes be con...
0 491 posted 13 years ago by scribbleitdesigns
Uses jQuery to give links with rel=\"external\" the ability to open in a new window, while keeping the document XHTML or HTML Strict. Works by assigning a \"_blank\" value to the \"target\" attribute of all such links after the page has already loade...
0 602 posted 13 years ago by Moridin
Originally from http://www.pseudocoder.com Make an li (or div or whatever) clickable without having to wrap it in a link-tag. Like Matt, I like to add a .hover class to it in order to apply hover effects
0 443 posted 13 years ago by Rembrand
The html attribute 'target="_blank"' for links is no longer valid code as of XHTML Strict 1.0. This code will run using mootools on domready to send all clicks to new windows when going to an external domain.
0 655 posted 13 years ago by birnamdesigns
This small function receive a text as input and returns an html text with links if the source text contains urls (http://www… but also ftp://… and every other protocol), emails, twitter’s usernames (with @ at the beginning) and also twitter tag...
0 783 posted 13 years ago by ginoplusio
I didn't like the way my bookmarks came out with wp_list_bookmarks or any other built-in function, so I figured out a way to have total control about the way your wordpress bookmarks are displayed. In this example I wanted a table with the Bookmark...
0 414 posted 13 years ago by zartgesotten
0 462 posted 13 years ago by wnasich
Add target blank or rel external to outgoing links automatically.
3 689 posted 13 years ago by vagrantradio
Any link with a hash (#) will scroll to that id on the page. Hat Tip, Karl Swedberg.
1 581 posted 13 years ago by vagrantradio
Con esto evitamos que un enlace que tengamos con 'href="#"' actue como tal y la pagina haga scroll hasta la parte superior.
0 379 posted 13 years ago by jacinmontava
If you have your wordpress subpages organized by parent pages... and you dont want the parent pages "clickable" this will fix you right up...
0 457 posted 13 years ago by mdesilets
This code appends a class of external to all all outbound links It includes a fix for Safari which does not recognise internal links that use a different port
1 572 posted 13 years ago by flicity
In order to track links out Google requires you add this snippet of JavaScript to your anchor(a) tag. Replace /G1/example.com with whatever you want to use to identify the link.
1 553 posted 13 years ago by smoothdzion
This piece of CSS code will highlight links that open in a new window so that user knows before hand that link will pop open in a new tab or window.
0 601 posted 14 years ago by paulgrenwood
1 639 posted 14 years ago by enchance
W3C no longer include the target attribute of the <a> tag in HTML 4.0 Strict and XHTML 1.0 Strict document types . To make links open new windows we will have to use Javascript, and with mootools it make this task very easy. Just add this snippet to...
0 596 posted 14 years ago by cherrywaves