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Uses jQuery to give links with rel=\"external\" the ability to open in a new window, while keeping the document XHTML or HTML Strict. Works by assigning a \"_blank\" value to the \"target\" attribute of all such links after the page has already loade...
0 599 posted 13 years ago by Moridin
Allows you to still view PHP parse errors, even if you don't have write access to your php.ini file. Since PHP pages are parsed before being executed, parse errors won't show up even if you turn on display_errors in the page you are checking.
2 488 posted 13 years ago by Moridin
Courtesy of Dorphalsig on (see URL above)
1 510 posted 13 years ago by Moridin
This code allows you to retrieve the 11-character ID string from a YouTube video URL.
7 1875 posted 14 years ago by Moridin
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