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When creating a new https://codepad.co/ snippet, the default language will be set to 'JavaScript'.
0 208 posted 4 years ago by avansare
0 258 posted 5 years ago by chrisaiv
With publicly available information and a little math it is possible to not only validate a given card number, but to determine the financial institution that issued the card, the type of industry the issuer belongs to, the actual account number and...
0 278 posted 6 years ago by geneticcode
#bxSlider Prevent bxSlider stop auto slides transition, when navigating through slides.
0 246 posted 6 years ago by flexyournoggin
Populating Table from Inline Json Data in Angular js
0 226 posted 6 years ago by bitsofcodec
Add / Remove comma for number in the thousands. Ex: 1,000 Useful for grabbing input values to format then display, remove the comma and convert back to number to do math.
0 485 posted 6 years ago by supawaza
0 192 posted 7 years ago by thesmu
$(document).ready(function() { // Handler for .ready() called. });
0 195 posted 7 years ago by thesmu
Include any external text file within html; HTML, CSS and Javascript all work.
0 212 posted 7 years ago by nshakin
Self updating javascript copyright date
0 160 posted 7 years ago by nshakin
# layout para un panel con scrollbars
0 171 posted 7 years ago by lecksfrawen
You can use JavaScript window.location to redirect a visitor to a required page. You may have seen this feature used by sites with full page ads, or to redirect visitors to the site's new domain name. You can add also a timer to the script that will...
2 345 posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
For those moments of weakness when .replace() looks like a good idea...
0 182 posted 8 years ago by inreflection7
**Simple JavaScript Quiz** Edit the main quiz array with your own questions, then publish. Since it's an entire HTML file, it's best to save this file on a server and embed it as needed using an iframe tag.
0 586 posted 8 years ago by jrue
Code from https://snipt.net/geekyjohn/get-url-param/ updated so that most jslint issues are resolved, and updated the return to use a guard condition instead of a separate if statement.
1 309 posted 8 years ago by pmw57
Standard hasClass, addClass, and removeClass functions, reworked so that jsLint is happier about them, and fixed the removeClass function so that things are trimmed after removing a class name.
2 253 posted 8 years ago by pmw57
There are many ways to deliver a crossdomain.xml file through NodeJS or Express.js. Here is one solution
0 283 posted 8 years ago by chrisaiv
To be added to all Landing Pages and other new works
0 151 posted 8 years ago by jburcsik
Add trim method to String class
0 178 posted 8 years ago by kajinka13
extends the default varien "tabs" class to allow other links on the page to open a tab
0 174 posted 8 years ago by flintcreative
This will return the value of "param" form the URI. For example if you have www.example.com/index.html?param=some_value it will return "some_value". NOTE! This only works if you use Prototype JavaScript framework.
0 204 posted 8 years ago by srka
0 145 posted 8 years ago by stavelin
0 127 posted 9 years ago by bubaphex
Will produce output like this: <html> ... </html> <html> ... </html> Target in CSS like this: html[data-useragent*='Chrome/13.0'] .nav {background:url(img/radial_grad.png) center bottom no-repeat;} or html[data-useragent*=...
0 215 posted 9 years ago by reverend
jLim is a small JavaScript base code. It can be used to built your own JavaScript library or framework.
0 154 posted 9 years ago by freelancephp
This small javascript hides the table that holds statistical counters on hotdog.hu profile pages [footer part].
0 103 posted 9 years ago by Oroborus9
I love this script. It's perfect for anyone trying to transforms headlines into some sort of Title Case format without using CSS
0 146 posted 9 years ago by chrisaiv
Somewhere along the road the people behind canvas decided that all image scaling is anti-aliased by default. Firefox has 'mozImageSmoothingEnabled' while Chrome et company don't. This is a proof of concept script to resize 'virtualCanvas' two time...
0 143 posted 9 years ago by volvis
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