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By Matt Lagrandeur
0 690 posted 8 years ago by tionazo
this function gets a parameter like an hex color (es: "#ffffff"), an abbreviated hex color (es: "#fff"), an rgb color (es: "rgb(255,255,255)") or an rgba color (es: "rgba(255,255,255,1)"), and returns an object containing the rgba values, like { red:...
0 1269 posted 11 years ago by claudiowebdesign
Generates random hex values ("You know, these guys: #0afec0, #c9f2d0, #9b923e")
1 409 posted 12 years ago by mike_fowler
You have a RGB value and want to convert it into Hexadecimal mode, here’s how to do it using JavaScript.
0 427 posted 12 years ago by math89
0 372 posted 13 years ago by joshuabaker
I just put all the functions in here the validateConfPass function uses the key event and the two text fields to change the background color of the confPassword field when it does not equal the pass field
0 546 posted 13 years ago by jlvallelonga
see website for all information about that. some more theory: [color-scaling-function](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/168838/color-scaling-function) [generate-color-for-a-power-meter-red-to-green](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/340209/gene...
0 646 posted 14 years ago by localhorst
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