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_PHP Snippet for Paying via Paypal_ This snippet is designed for most open source invoicing applications that you have control over the template setup. There multiple free or open source PHP applications that you can download server-side and imple...
2 98 posted 9 years ago by creativeboulder
0 98 posted 9 years ago by kangcom
track click and get aff/campaign info
0 50 posted 9 years ago by jurajsim
Accessing the 37signals product Highrise API requires HTTPS. I initially had problems with this (seemingly the certificate authority) from ColdFusion initially. Found the solution by tapping into the underlying Java layer to manage the providers.
0 94 posted 9 years ago by parkerkrhoyt
1 71 posted 9 years ago by hamsterbacke82
Proper way of loading libs such as jQuery from Google's CDN. Place these JavaScripts at the bottom for fast page loading. To target different versions, you can be more specific if you want; eg. /1.4/ or even /1.4.4/. (NOTE: you may either use http...
0 169 posted 9 years ago by hced
Script used to access the Envato API, and get extra details using Curl. This script will only work on PHP5 on a Linux hosting account (with safe mode / openbasedir disabled). Will need slight adjustment if trying to run it otherwise. You are w...
1 144 posted 9 years ago by dtbaker
"Log in" to Salesforce via this code. Borrowed heavily from URL reference.
1 116 posted 9 years ago by dotNetkow
1 119 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
This is a very simple use of the Vimeo API. All it does is list the video title, a thumbnail of the video, and the description. More advance script coming later.
0 76 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
2 118 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
Be sure to call the exact version desired or the script is only cached for one hour! http://encosia.com/2009/10/11/do-you-know-about-this-undocumented-google-cdn-feature/
1 97 posted 9 years ago by housecor
0 80 posted 9 years ago by lajlev
This is partial code for calling a custom foxycart shipping request.
0 67 posted 9 years ago by webmovementllc
A more flexible version of the 'official' Facebook feed dialog example. "The Feed Dialog prompts the user to publish an individual story to a profile's feed. This does not require any extended permissions." "The following simple JavaScript exam...
0 112 posted 9 years ago by coprolit
This example shows how enableEditing can be emulated in version 3 of the Google Maps API. \\r\\nWhen releasing an editable point after dragging it, the changed part of the polyline will be updated.\\r\\nPoints can be added to by clicking on the map a...
0 369 posted 10 years ago by peckham
0 94 posted 10 years ago by phil7085
courtesy of mark8barnes (http://wordpress.org/support/profile/52354)
1 94 posted 10 years ago by iroybot
This script works good condition, and not use "oAuth". Your should get username and password with cleartext (standart html controls) without authentication and just add them into variables in your code... (twitter_username and twitter_password) A...
0 85 posted 10 years ago by emregulcan
Borrowed from Jerome Paradis: http://blog.jeromeparadis.com
0 117 posted 10 years ago by Jamie
Get error description from Lotus Notes C API
0 91 posted 10 years ago by AlexLocust
Based on the following references: http://not-equal.blogspot.com/2006/08/upload-file-as3-php.html http://www.thedanosphere.com/?p=76 I created a simple file manager class that I will be extending in the near future for an AIR App I...
0 91 posted 10 years ago by alvincrespo
replace your "zipcode" with your zipcode
0 75 posted 10 years ago by adkatrit
By using hook_form_alter, you can add your own callback functions to any Drupal form. These functions will be called when Drupal validates the form and when Drupal submits it. In example below, a module called 'simple_checkout' adds its own hand...
1 97 posted 10 years ago by berkes