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BroadNet Technologies furnishes you with a variety of PHP Sample SMS code examples and programming objects, and assist you in connecting to our gateway via the PHP script. Sending your messages via our designed PHP SMS Sample Code is easier than you...
0 199 posted 3 years ago by Broadnet
How to post a notification to Facebook's Graph API.
0 148 posted 5 years ago by MaRmAR
The following code sample shows how developers can replace multiple texts in a single API call in a PDF file using Aspose.Pdf for Cloud API in their applications. Developers can use Aspose REST API with any language: .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Pyt...
0 301 posted 6 years ago by johansonkatherine
Sometimes using small code snippets is faster than implement the official api. Using mini bots class is faster to get Instagram data.
0 148 posted 6 years ago by ginoplusio
This is a public jsonp api. I use it with jQuery Like This: $.getJSON("http://yourdomain/yourpath/jsonp_api.php?method=getSchema&params=your_db_name&jsoncallback=?", function(data){ //DO SOMETHING WITH THE DATA HERE }...
1 162 posted 7 years ago by halk
This is a useful class which utilizes Phil Sturgeon's helpful restclient (http://getsparks.org/packages/restclient/versions/HEAD/show). Reference the URL attached for PinnacleCart API docs. Example request URLs to get products and categories: #...
0 152 posted 7 years ago by crypticsoft
This is the Batch API example shown on http://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/developer--hooks--install.php/function/hook_update_N/6.
1 130 posted 8 years ago by wizonesolutions
A simple script to show a followers list in Wordpress. (It can be used in other places also, you have to change the WP specific variables). The script needs to create a cache file to not overload Twitter API.
0 108 posted 8 years ago by jhonqwerty
This is a very rudimentary function used to convert a Datetime delivered by the Twitter API to a format you can store in MySQL's datetime field.
0 176 posted 8 years ago by aristoworks
This code snippet gets all information from a YouTube video (title, description, duration, thumbnail url, thumbnail width, thumbnail height, etc..) using the video id and YouTube API.
0 265 posted 8 years ago by TimoZachi
Rescatamos los datos que pasamos por apprequest .
0 141 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Rescato variables desde un iframe con $signed_request
0 104 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
Ordena alfabéticamente el array $friends['data'] obtenido con la api de facebook.
0 111 posted 9 years ago by serialk89
[Related SQL query to create the storage table](http://snipplr.com/view/56995/sql-query-to-create-a-table-in-mysql-to-store-tweets/ "Related SQL query to create the storage table")
0 237 posted 9 years ago by eddequincey
_PHP Snippet for Paying via Paypal_ This snippet is designed for most open source invoicing applications that you have control over the template setup. There multiple free or open source PHP applications that you can download server-side and imple...
2 98 posted 9 years ago by creativeboulder
0 98 posted 9 years ago by kangcom
track click and get aff/campaign info
0 50 posted 9 years ago by jurajsim
Script used to access the Envato API, and get extra details using Curl. This script will only work on PHP5 on a Linux hosting account (with safe mode / openbasedir disabled). Will need slight adjustment if trying to run it otherwise. You are w...
1 144 posted 9 years ago by dtbaker
1 119 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
This is a very simple use of the Vimeo API. All it does is list the video title, a thumbnail of the video, and the description. More advance script coming later.
0 76 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
2 118 posted 9 years ago by mloberg
courtesy of mark8barnes (http://wordpress.org/support/profile/52354)
1 94 posted 10 years ago by iroybot
By using hook_form_alter, you can add your own callback functions to any Drupal form. These functions will be called when Drupal validates the form and when Drupal submits it. In example below, a module called 'simple_checkout' adds its own hand...
1 97 posted 10 years ago by berkes
0 80 posted 10 years ago by bionickid
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