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Place this snippent in your script, and call it like this: urllib.urlretrieve(getFile, saveFile, reporthook=report) Notice it is the 3rd argument that calls the function on each file that needs to be downloaded.
1 193 posted 6 years ago by o0110o
Tool to download youtube videos with STDIN (PIPE) support for playlist parsers like umph or youParse (PYTHON3+)
0 106 posted 7 years ago by pantuts
Based on http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK25498/#chapter3.Application_3_Retrieving_large
0 96 posted 8 years ago by itskkumaran
5 90 posted 12 years ago by abhiomkar
2 144 posted 13 years ago by whitetiger
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