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An Utility to Search Text in All Files of Any Directory in PHP
1 257 posted 5 years ago by ursdeep
Simple PHP search with whole word extract and highlighted search word
0 150 posted 5 years ago by flatearthcomms
Product Instant Search is a free Magento search extension that enables automatically searching right after typing a character and shows the first search result with an “add to cart” form. <p>_ Show other search results in product’s thumbnail i...
0 164 posted 5 years ago by magestore
Function to check existence of value in multidimensional array.
0 168 posted 6 years ago by Sadeveloper
PrestaShop Advance SEO module is offered by FME. This module is used to configure On Page SEO components of Product pages. The Meta title, keywords and descriptions can be utilized by using this module. Due to its intelligent formula this module is a...
0 128 posted 7 years ago by AlastairBrian
Use it similar to in_array function of PHP.
0 186 posted 7 years ago by kosinix
This function searches the current working directory (or any other directory path that you specify with parameter $p) for a file, named $f, and returns the full path and filename of the first occurrence, or false if it is either not found or the maxi...
0 148 posted 8 years ago by VisionHive
Search recursively some value in array with the key name
0 196 posted 8 years ago by MonsterDev
prints "We found 'N' result(s) for 'QUERYSTRING'"
0 77 posted 9 years ago by dan_hoerr
0 80 posted 9 years ago by zealmurapa
0 250 posted 9 years ago by Japan
I thought this was pretty elegant code and wanted to share it with anyone who found it useful.
0 147 posted 9 years ago by mattneary
I use the following code to prevent a user from getting a "webpage expired" message when hitting the back button on a page where the search results are also on the page with the form.
0 125 posted 9 years ago by bradless
A blank search in wordpress returns all the posts, which could be taken as duplicate content if that got indexed.
0 117 posted 9 years ago by baires
Add this in search.php
0 72 posted 9 years ago by laurentzziu
Im pretty new to oop php i have tried to create a php search function but im sure this needs alot of improvement. So add on :D
0 75 posted 9 years ago by JonnySnip3r
The total number of search results can be added in a hook_preprocess_search_results() function from the following variable:
0 94 posted 9 years ago by jonathanpglick
Open your search.php file and find the the_title() function. Replace it with the following: 1.echo $title; Save the search.php file and open style.css. Append the following line to it: strong.search-excerpt { background: yellow; }
0 132 posted 9 years ago by newsok
0 119 posted 9 years ago by newsok
example I used to create a auto suggest search from that pulls from a database. The example pulls from a single db table containing categories. Using jQueryUI made this pretty painless but by default the autocomplete feature uses GET variables and...
4 163 posted 10 years ago by myke
To exclude pages from wordpress search results include the following in your theme's functions.php
0 78 posted 10 years ago by myke
$search_string - переменная для поиска
0 92 posted 10 years ago by stancox
like array_search but compares against a specific key in each element of the array
2 132 posted 10 years ago by iloveitaly
Wizzlern, a Dutch Drupal trainer, has a Dutch article online on how to remove the "search this site" label in the Drupal search-block.
2 120 posted 10 years ago by berkes
Searches all array elements for a given substring. Returns an array of found key=>value pairs or false if not found.
0 103 posted 10 years ago by lancemonotone
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