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Simple loop for adding header and footer avery n times in loop. Useful for printing tables.
0 21 posted 5 years ago by fedek6
Compact Privacy Policy allowing cookies to be used in an iframe without being blocked by the host website. See link for further details.
0 8 posted 6 years ago by gromitski
Take control of HTTP header status codes.
1 25 posted 7 years ago by o0110o
HTTP headers to disable caching.
1 23 posted 7 years ago by ryantxr
IE Blocking iFrame Cookies
0 22 posted 8 years ago by kiroweb
Remove unnecessary code from the default WordPress header.
0 22 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
Once we login and are in the backend of WordPress, there is another small logo of WordPress displayed on top. It’s small but if you wish to change it, then add below code to the same functions.php file we created in above step.
0 15 posted 8 years ago by jamiebrwr
When a client wants to access the WordPress admin, the first thing they will notice is the login page with a WordPress logo. Wouldn’t it be better if this page had the logo of your client’s company or maybe yours? There are many simpler ways to d...
0 19 posted 8 years ago by jamiebrwr
0 14 posted 8 years ago by kreatific
0 16 posted 8 years ago by psteinweber
Simple force download crossbrowser
0 26 posted 9 years ago by Mosaic
2 25 posted 9 years ago by simondiercks
<pre><code>* Use the proper DOCTYPE. * The opening <html> tag should include language_attributes(). * The "content-type" meta element should be placed before everything else, including the title element. * Use bloginfo() to fetch the title and des...
2 19 posted 9 years ago by blueocto
The first thing to do is to create header files. Create as many different headers as you want. In this exemple, I have created 3 custom headers from my theme default file header.php, names headercontact.php, headergallery.php and headerdefault.php....
1 14 posted 9 years ago by stephcode
Quick and easy way to determine if the HTTP request is an AJAX call or a standard call. Supports the notion of Unobtrusive JavaScript.
3 26 posted 9 years ago by joshuascott94
0 13 posted 10 years ago by fwso
0 13 posted 10 years ago by errkk
Quick basic way to serve a string or a file through PHP
0 22 posted 10 years ago by cburyta
This code is really useful to download files (i.e. an mp3 file). It will tell the browser about the file type you’re about to download while also customizing the file name of it.
0 11 posted 10 years ago by LuckyShot
Image files are: header_1 , header_2, header_3, header_4
0 8 posted 10 years ago by donatkinson
1 21 posted 10 years ago by michaelfox
include this snippet in your sites to force InternetExplorer 8 to display your site like InternetExplorer 7 In summary, IE7 compatibility support looks as follows: IE=7 Display in IE7 Standards mode; Already supported in the IE8 Beta 1 relea...
3 35 posted 11 years ago by tobaco
The problem is some times the redirect may kick you off to the next page before all the session variables have been saved. The true solution to lost session vars on redirect is to simply call session_write_close(); before setting the redirect header....
0 32 posted 11 years ago by Wardy
Is the mail I sent, read or unread by the receiver.
1 19 posted 11 years ago by skywalker
Many examples that show how to use the header() function of PHP
3 25 posted 12 years ago by localhorst
7 29 posted 13 years ago by gdonald
1 18 posted 2020 years ago by KernelPanic
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